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Top Rated Fast Photo Scanner

Epson B11B198011 Perfection V600 Photo Scanner


Customer Reviews
  • “Very easy to use.” – PSP Lover
  • “Good color restoration, dust removal on old photos.” – Kay Verelius
  • “I have been scanning old family slides and photos!” – Jan Martel

Kodak P460 Personal Photo Scanner

Bring your shoebox of pictures into the digital world! The Kodak P460 personal photo scanner easily scans prints up to 4×6 inches as well as 35mm negatives, and saves them to the included memory card or your computer-ready to send to your family.

Buyers Guide
  • “Fast and easy to use.” – LMG
  • “I would highly recommend this little scanner–and it’s perfect for those who want something that doesn’t need to be hooked up to your system.” – hughsfmly
  • “The whites look over exposed. and consistent lines on every picture. no amount of cleaning or calibrating could get rid of the lines.” – photoguy

Epson B11B207221 Epson Perfection V370 Color Photo Scanner (B11B207221) Scanner

High-quality Scans of Photos, 35mm Film, and More.Scan photos, film, oversized originals, plus scan-to-cloud – you get it all with the EPSON Perfection V370 Photo.

Buying Guides
  • “It was very easy to setup and very easy to use.” – bobbewig
  • “Scanner is holding up well — time will tell.” – GP Burdell
  • “It is able to scan photos, slides and negatives.” – Autumn

Epson B11B207201 Epson Perfection V37 Color Photo Scanner (B11B207201) Scanner

High-quality Scans of Photos, Documents and More.Get amazing scan quality with the EPSON Perfection V37. This versatile photo scanner delivers 4800 x 9600 dpi optical resolution for incredible detail and clarity, whether scanning photos or documents.

Product Reviews
  • “It was extremely easy to set up, and is very easy to use.” – JenBar
  • “Software installed easy and scanner works great with windows 7.” – Mike S
  • “I have emphasized the great flatbed scans of photos, but this scanner is also a great document scanner.” – R. Dixon

Canon CanoScan 4507B002 LiDE110 Color Image Scanner

Ultra Compact Scanner with up to 2400 dpi

  • “I would highly recommend this scanner to anyone who wants a reasonably priced scanner with awesome features.” – Patrik
  • “I love that it doesn’t require a power connection other than the laptop USB port.” – M. Jones
  • “The point is, all of Canon’s products work as advertised so you can really buy with their stuff with confidence.” – Robert A. Grossman

Wolverine SNAP-14 Photo Scanner

The Wolverine SNaP 14 Megapixel is a powerful yet simple to use device to preserve all your old Photos, 35mm Slides and Negatives forever. The innovative design combines a built-in color screen, internal memory and SD memory card reader to convert 35mm slides, negatives and photos into digital images in SECONDS and without a computer.

Customer Reviews
  • “The equipment works perfectly and is quite easy to use.” – Judy A. Novak
  • “Converted photo is way out of focus and very grainy when comparing to the original printed photo.” – TechieSJ
  • “Tedious, but I can’t imaging how you can avoid that, (without paying someone else to do the work).” – Lyle C Wilson

DBTech 35mm Film Slide and Negative Scanner - 5 Mega Pixel Film to Digital Image Converter - with 2.4-Inch LCD and TV-Out

Rediscover your long-lost slides and film negatives with DB-Tech’s digital image converter. The DB-FS150 Transforms your images from outdated to updated without the need of a computer.

Product Research
  • “It is very easy to use and does a very good job.” – Roland Swingle
  • “I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to save money by doing all the work themselves rather than sending their slides out to a service.” – J. Valadez
  • “Cons; To scan strips of negatives, the film must slide through a plastic film holder which gets scratched quickly.” – dls

ION Pics 2 SD Photo, Slide and Film Scanner with SD card
ION Audio

Enjoy your old pictures on your digital picture frame. Rediscover your long-lost photo prints, slides, and film negatives with PICS 2 SD. This high-quality scanner transfers your images directly onto an SD card so you can enjoy your old pictures with the latest technology.

Buyers Guide
  • “Very easy to use.” – Thomas
  • “Simple and economic solution to digitizing all your old photos and slides.” – carlb
  • “This “sealed” design is especially problematic if your photos are slightly smaller than the tray holding them.” – Jeff from Boston

Canon 4508B002 CanoScan LiDE210 Scanner

Ultra Compact Scanner with Vertical Scanning and Up to 2400 dpi

Consumer Reports
  • “Very easy to use scanner.” – Wmgrar
  • “I like the fact that it uses a USB cable for power and just plugs into my monitor.” – MzLiz
  • “Very satisfied with this Canon CanoScan LiDE210 Scanner.” – newcastletruck

Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/Converter, White (PANSCN06)

Featuring one touch scanning, and requiring no PC, the Personal Photo Scanner/converter from Pandigital makes it easy to enjoy digital copies of all your favorite printed photos, up to 8.

Buying Guides
  • “It is very easy to use and fast.” – Dean L. Sylvies
  • “I have now been able to scan all of my old childhood photos and was able to share them with all my family.” – JJones
  • “I have calibrated and cleaned the scanner and am still getting a white line on every scan.” – TokidokiGurl

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